April 2013

Wilcannia/White Cliffs RFDS

WILCANNIA Phone 08 8083 8777 RFDS DOCTOR W’day 10th: Dr. Michael McKeough Friday 12th: Dr. Michael McKeough Monday 15th: Dr. Paul Ryan and Dr. Kylie Vuong W’day 17th: Dr. Michael McKeough Friday 19th: Dr. Paul Ryan and Dr. Kylie Vuong Monday 22nd: Dr. Michael McKeough Wednesday 24th: Dr. Rebecca Jacobs Friday 25th: Dr. John Wenham Monday 29th: Dr.

Passing through town

Michelle Johnston and  Matthew Pulloz were travelling from Brisbane to Darwin, which is probably going the long way round, and stopped in at the Driver Reviver stop here on Monday 1st April for a coffee.

Public Consultation for Rural Road Names

Central Darling Shire Council (CDSC) has been requested to review the name of Reola Road.

This request has come from various property owners who were not aware of the original naming submission. Investigation into this submission has failed to locate all the required documents. As a result of this Council has agreed to publish a new document for public discussion. The document is available at the following locations to allow for the general public to make comment: