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Reflections on Women's Day Celebrations in Wilcannia (2012).

[by Patricia Vagg]

On Thursday, March 18, I attended the 2012 Women's Day celebration in Wilcannia, and what an impressive  celebration it was!

Local ladies had been up since 5 a.m. preparing food and decorating the community hall in the white, mauve and green women's day colours. The banquet was capably served by a group of local men, assisted by young people who were invited to help serve the elders. Several guest speakers addressed the gathering, after which any who chose were invited to add their comments.

The whole event was extremely affirming of women, but also very respectful of men, creating a really joyful, uplifting community celebration.

Map says "DO NOT stop" in Wilcannia

map says do not stop in WIlcanniaWhile enjoying a great coffee at the Emmdale Roadhouse, I overheard a woman (Hanna) advising her children to prepare for a long trip ahead. She said, almost as an aside, "the next town is Wilcannia, it's about an hour from here, but we're not stopping there."

Curious, I asked her "so why not stop in Wilcannia?".

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Colin Clark's Clap-sticksThree French women came into the Miss Barretts today and enjoyed a few of our coffees.