Darling River peaks at February predicted height

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 2:08pm

On the 7th February the Bureau of Meteorology predicated a flood peak of near 10.6 metres on the 24th February.Darling River at 10.6 metres, at Baker Park

Following upstream and local rain in early March they raised the predicted height to near 11.00 metres around the 23rd March. By the 13th March the peak was being progressively lowered. The plot graph on the Bureau of Mets website shows the level flat lining today at 10.62.

Water Level:  10.625 m, recorded @ 12:30_11/04/2012

remaining steady: 10.629 m, recorded @ 04:30_15/04/2012

The river today (see right) —up to the last step at Niggleys Steps at (Baker Park)