Irish Night, Hermidale Gymkhana, and more ...

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Monday, March 22, 2021 - 7:30am

Good morning all,

Last week was a ‘no show’ for various reasons my end. However it prompted me to seek advice from friends and the result is that I’ll revise my weekly chatter back to each fortnight at least till things start happening again our here in our great outback.

You see there is little more to report on since my last little spreel  except to say, PLEASE be very careful on our unsealed roads and tracks. It’s raining beautifully here at present so all unsealed roads will be out for a day or two.

A quick rehash of our activities ahead shows first up being the Irish Night next Sunday at the Civic Centre in the Hill, (must book!). Then we have Easter upon us. You have the choice of the Packsaddle Gymkhana and all that goes with it all weekend. The Back O Bourke Festival, including the Bourke Picnic races. The Hermidale Gymkhana which I guarantee will be fantastic as always. And by then the roads may be dry enough to call in on Kim at Dunlop Station, right on the Darling river and enjoy an old shearing shed and buildings and a morning tea s to die for!

Once you get over all that we have the Anzac Day weekend upon us. Gymkhana and Rodeo up at White Cliffs, big weekend, and don’t worry about accommodation, duck out to “Glen Hope” Farmstay and let the Taylors look after you. Of course all our little towns will welcome you to join us on Anzac day and be part of our communities.

You will get a host of information if you tune in to our faithful radio stations: ABC is 657 Dubbo, 999 Broken Hill and transmitting through 1584 Wilcannia. Outback radio 2WEB Bourke on 585. And Wilcannia River radio on FM 103.1.

I’m going to leave it all in your hands, don’t pass through a town without stopping and saying G’day. And I’ll be back yarning with you all in just 2 weeks.

Happy travelling and be careful, we have no idea how much rain we are in for. Cheers,  Bill Elliott. Wilcannia Tourism. Our website:


“Mechanic:  ‘I couldn’t repair your brakes so I just made your horn louder’

  Gift Shop:  ‘A place where you see all the things you hope your friends won’t send you for Christmas’.